Blast from the Past: Boot Camp Hill Running Day – First week

Since my post on Monday, I have been reliving my Boot Camp emails from 4 years ago.  It cracks me up.  I was so out of shape back then… and if my 2012 self told my 2008 self that in four years she would be running half marathons, I think my 2008 self would have just died laughing.

With out further ado… here is the email I send to friends on Day 3 of my Boot Camp… the infamous Hill Running Day.

Ugh… so today was a running day.  I will say half the time we ran. Okay, today we were at Red Hill Elementary School in Tustin.  This is considered a “stealth” location.  This means when we count out our reps we have to whisper; unlike the “non-stealth” location, such as the Washington Mutual.


Anyway, we started off with the usual stuff stretching, punches, kicks, sit ups, and push ups.  There were two people that arrived late and apparently for every person that arrives late, we have to do twenty push-ups.  That is forty total this morning for the latecomers.


Then… we ran… and it felt like we were running for quite awhile.  The elementary school is in this hilly neighborhood and it felt like they kept running in circles and up more hills.  I pretty much was at the back of the pack, until it was me and this other girl, the former swimmer girl.  She and I made friends and chatted about how in swimming you can’t be left behind in a pool.  The worst that could happen is they do 75s (3 lap sets) and end up on the other side of the pool.  We also chatted about how awesome it would be to run through people’s sprinklers… that just sounds like a wonderful idea.  so back to the run… we got lapped, well since they were running some crazy route, we just got to start running with the pack when the looped back around to the street we were on.


After the run, they stopped us all at the bottom of the hill and lined us up in groups of 4 for one big spring up the hill.  Sheesh!  Then we jogged back to the parking lot.


They wouldn’t let up get water at this point.  They made us line up again in 2 single file lines.   We had to hold our arms out straight on our sides rotating our arms like we were pouring milk or something as we walked around the parking lot.  We did a bunch of these types of arm movements where we couldn’t drop our arms to our sides.  My arms were on FIRE!  And I had a HUGE grin on my face!  My last trainer would tease me about my smiling when I was working out… but whatever… it was HARD.


FINALLY, we got to stretch and go home.  Thank god!  There were a lot of people missing today that I have seen the last 2 days… I wonder if it was because of the hills!


Oh and on a side note, I have not had my food journal taken away as of yet, but apparently I have not been eating enough fruits.  And he told me that my “sugar free” hazelnut americanos should be avoided until after the boot camp.  Even though it’s sugar free. It’s no bueno.  I miss coffee…



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