Starting 2012

Happy New Year!!

I wanted to start off the new year by posting the planned running events for 2012 and to briefly talk about how going vegetarian for a month (minus the time I’m in TX).

Upcoming Running Events in 2012:

I have signed up for two (2) so far.  They are the biggies.

  1. Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon – March 4, 2012
  2. Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon – June 4, 2012

Okay, so coming off the Rock n Roll Vegas Half Marathon I am not super confident in these upcoming Rock n Rolls.  Competitor Group (the for profit company who puts the Rock n Roll Series on) has a pretty good reputation for these events.  And this is why I signed up for more Rock n Rolls (BEFORE the disaster that was the RnR Vegas).  Being from So Cal, many friends have run the San Diego RnR, so I hope they can continue to pull this one off successfully.  NOLA, well I am going there to also celebrate my 30th birthday.  I am hoping to have a good race with friends AND have a good time celebrating a new decade of life!  Let keep our fingers crossed!

Races on My Radar:

These are the races I have not officially signed up for… yet.

  1. 101th Bay to Breakers 12k – May 20, 2012 – It’ Bay to Breakers… why not?
  2. The Giant Race (10k?) – Date TBD – I always have fun at this one! I mean you get to finish on the field at AT&T Park!
  3. SF Marathon (5k? Half marathon?) – July 29, 2012 – I am trying to determine if I can run this within the Course time limit of 3 hours
  4. Nike Woman’s Marathon (Half) – October 14, 2012 – We will sign up for the raffle… getting into this race is up to fate.
  5. Rock n Roll San Jose Half Marathon – October 7, 2012 – This is the “back up” race to the Nike Womens. But maybe I should run this one as a warm up to the Nike one (should I get selected for Nike), thoughts?

Anywho… there they are… the races for 2012. At the end of the year, let’s see how many I knock off the list. 😉

Going Vegetarian for One Month

This vegetarian for a month thing started a few years ago when my Grandfather passed away.  In my family’s beliefs (Vietnamese, Buddhist), we ate a vegetarian diet for 49 days after he passed.  Last year, my sister and I decided that we would eat vegetarian for a month each year in honor of him. We chose January… a good way to jump start each new year.

There is one thing about my commitment this year… I am going to cheat… I have to travel to Texas for a few days next week for work.  Traveling to a place known for its BEEF BBQ … it’s going to be too hard to resist the food!  So, for the days I’m going to be in Texas,I will tack on those days at the end of the month. So instead of ending the vegetarian diet on January 31st, I will end it on February 4th.


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