Upcoming Events

Hello again. I think if I can find time to blog once a month these days I would be doing pretty good.  Job is just so busy and the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer again when i get home from 8 hours at work.  I am much better at tweeting these days.  Shorter messages on the phone.

Anyway, I have a couple of exciting running events coming up in the next couple days, weeks, months!  I have been terrible about training for these upcoming events, but it doesn’t stop me from participating.  So what if I have to walk, I will still finish!

So first ups: Dana Point Turkey Trot.  I have ran the 5k in years past, but this year since I had finished the half marathon in October and will run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Vegas (next paragraph), I thought I will step it up and run the 10k.  Eek!  I am so not ready. But luckily the course is absolutely gorgeous down by the Dana Point Wharf.  I also love this race because it’s Thanksgiving day and I really feel less guilty for gorging on the Turkey Day foods after running in the morning. Oh and this year we will be getting finishers medals to add to my collection!

Next up: Strip at Night, Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon. December 4th.  Hmmm.. this gives me 1/5 weeks to go. EEK!  If I’m not ready for a 10k in 2 days, I’m sure as hell not ready for a half marathon in 12 days… but again… IT’S OK.  I will finish even if I have to walk most of it.  Again the course will be lovely.  Who wouldn’t want to run/walk the Fabulous Vegas Strip at night?

And the last one on the schedule (for now): New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon. March 4th. This one was a whim.  They run this promotion code, SAINTSWIN, for every point the Saints win by we get $1 off… then there was the game week 7 where the Saint annihilated the Colts 62-7. With a discount of $55, the race entry cost me (and 6 of my friends) $35!  This race will be run about 2 weeks after my 30th birthday.  I think this is the perfect way to celebrate this milestone.  Running a half marathon and food touring through New Orleans!  This one I plan to train train for… like how I trained for San Jose Rock n Roll. 😉

Alright… so there are my upcoming events.  I will try to keep blogging.  😉

Happy running and happy eating!

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