Returning From Blog Hiatus… and Race This Weekend

Hi Bloggisphere.

I apologize for my absence.  The last month or so have been really busy and slightly chaotic.  I recently started a new job that requires me to drive 45 mins to an hour each way to and from work. That missing 1.5-2 hours of the day are really missed.  I have had to get used to a new schedule. I have battled with myself, Do I gym before work OR  Do I gym after work? AND Do I go to the gym near my work?  Lets just put it this way… I HATE traffic.  I have never had to commute more than 15/20 mins before to work.  The other factor I have to figure out is When do I EAT???? I need food for energy for the gym… I am learning to have more snack handy at work. Essentially I have more food in the work refrigerator than I have at home.

Anyway, I need to stop complaining about this commute. I have a race this weekend!! I think I started this blog about 12 weeks ago when I signed up for the San Jose Rock n Roll Marathon. I wanted to keep myself accountable for this race and document all my yummy foods.  Well, folks, the day has come.  This Sunday October 2nd, I will be attempting to run my first half marathon.

Though I am feeling very scared and unprepared, this is how I have been getting ready for the race:

  • Drinking more Water – I know I have had bad training runs because I feel dehydrated, so I’ve upped the H2O intake
  • A banana a day will (hopefully) keep the cramping muscles away – My water polo coach in High School once told me the potassium in bananas help mitigate the cramps… why not? Thirteen point one miles is no joke!
  • Not eating too much junk food – despite my foodspotting adventures, I have “cut back” on the junk food.  Okay okay, I caved with some Del Taco Deluxe Chili Cheese Fries when I was visiting home, but in my defense… we don’t have Del Tacos where I live in NorCal… so I think that’s OK 😉
  • Stretching and using The Stick – I want to keep my muscles all nice and stretched out.  I have been stretching more and massaging my leg muscles to prep for the race.
  • Not wearing heels! – If you know me, you know I am prone to falls (and sometimes falls down the stairs)… so no high heels for me.  Lets stay injury free!
  • Making a new playlist! – I try to make a new playlist for every race.  I know this race will be special with all the bands along the route, but I will have my new playlist ready for me just in case.
  • Outfit decision – Well… I have too much Lululemon now… so what should I wear? I think it will be my newly acquired Run: Swiftly Tank & Run: Turbo Crop.  I don’t have links, but I’ll try to add a photo later

Okay… so wish me luck!  I will take this race one mile at time… time 13.1.  I think since I haven’t been able to run so much, I will try and run intervals of 5 mins running and 1 min of walking.  My goal is still under 3 hours.

Next post will most likely be my race update! Woot woot!

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