Ridiculous Weekend Of Eating… (time to run)

So the “weekend” started on Thursday… and I have been non-stop eating!  It is time to get back on the road (and treadmill) and run off some of the calories I consumed this weekend.

I have the Giant Race 10k next Saturday and haven’t run very much this week.  I did the Cross Fit thing on Tuesday and then ran 2 miles at the gym and 3 miles in the city on Saturday.  I have to get my booty in gear for next week’s race AND my Half Marathon in 6 (OMG 6) short weeks!

Anyway, here are the food photos from this weekend:

Thurday: Off the Grid: Haight

I ended up eating 1.5 orders of ribs at The Rib Whip!  I also had the mac n cheese and baked beans from the Rib Whip. So freaking good!  I had a nice chat with the Rib Whip dude.  They are working on a second truck and permits for other counties. I work on the peninsula so I hope the ribs will be coming my way!

Dessert was courtesy of the CupKates Truck.  I had tried a couple flavors before and believe that this cupcake is the best!  She does a great job with both the cake and the frosting.  For example, Sprinkles… Sprinkles is good, but the frosting (for me) is just too sweet!  CupKates is just plain awesome!

Pictured here, 1- double chocolate, 1- double vanilla, 2- red velvet, 2- salted caramel.  And then a photo of the double vanilla… I just love how you can see the vanilla bean specks in the frosting and the batter… divine!

Friday: PPQ Dungeness Island 

I had been here a couple times before.  With my friend leaving for Chicago next week for grad school, we had to come back here for some dungeness crab!

We ordered the Peppercorn Crab (with tons of garlicy goodness!). Roasted Crab, Papaya Salad, and Garlic Noodles.

Saturday: SF Ferry Building Roti Roti

The Ferry Building has been a weekly routine since the 4th of July weekend. It’s been nice to get out of the gym and run along the water.  Anyway, so my weekly routine usually consists of my run from the Ferry Building to AT&T Park (and back), a New Orleans Iced Coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee Co., Porchetta Sandwich from Roti Roti, then a walk around the Farmer’s Market.  I love this weekly routine!  I have also recruited my roommate and some friends to come along too 🙂

Sunday: Brunch Drunk Love

Okay… and here we are at Sunday Brunch!  This is the brunch place of Top Chefestant Ryan Scott.  He is also known for his lunch truck, 3 Sum Eats which I have also tried (please refer to my Top Chef post).  The location of Brunch Drunk Love is inside Bruno’s in San Francisco’s Mission District.  I went with 3 other people who love to eat, so we got to try a little bit of everything.  Check out the menu at this link.  I had the special for the day which was “spicy braised pork cheeks with jack cheese stuffed anaheim chilis, plantains, a black bean sauce and topped with 2 fried eggs” (taken from their Facebook page).  I also ordered the Mission Mary (it had bacon crumbles… how could I say no?).  And I loved how the check came in a Sweet Valley High book… LOL. (one of my friends even started to read it as the rest of us were figuring out the bill). Awesome!

Alright… I am done… When I started this post, I knew I was already guilty and needed to run some of this off… Now, at the end of the post… I am hungry again and STILL need to run it off!  Here I go!  I’m gonna shoot for 3 mile (maybe 4 ;-)).

BON APPETIT!!!! And Happy Running (it off)!!!


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