Intro to CrossFit

Yesterday I went down to the Cross Fit in San Mateo with a couple friends to take the Intro to Cross Fit session.  I had heard bits and pieces about Cross Fit for the last year or so.  I have a Facebook friend who would post her comments about her workouts on her profile.  I didn’t really know what it was all about, but all I did know is that she looks GOOD!

So the Intro session… It was really good.  We first started with a quick explanation of a typical day and a look around the facility.  The facility is across the way from the San Mateo CalTrain station and is located among some warehouse looking businesses.  Inside, it’s pretty basic; the front room has some equipment, a desk and then the back room has the exercise floor covering with most of the equipment as well as the white boards with the WOD (Work Out of the Day) and other extreme looking workouts.

He started us out with a quick run down the street… to the one corner… back down the street (past the CrossFit studio)… to the other corner… and then back to the studio. Then we did squats, push-ups, mountain climbers (I hate those) and a hip stretch.  The first round we did together and the last two rounds we did on our own.

Now we get to the workout (though I was already sweating from this “warm up” round).  The CrossFit Coach gave us a work out that looked like this:


  • *Corner Run
  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups

This meant we had to run to the corner and back (literally leave the gym… run to the corner and back), do 21 squats, 21 push-ups (sigh), 21 sit-ups… run to the corner and back, 15 squats (still panting from the run… and not enough time to recover), 15 push-ups (this is where things get quivery), 15 sit ups (this is where the H2O in my tummy made me want to throw up)…. run to the corner and back (not gonna lie… I had to walk a little), 9 squats (still panting), 9 push-ups (like 2 at a time because my arms were shaking like a twig in a hurricane), 9 sit-ups… call time.

I completed this work out in 12:04.  Not too bad, but it was pretty intense.  I think for a good 30-45 mins after the workout I was exhausted.  But after that, I felt so exhilarated! I was ready for more!

After the CrossFit work out, we walked down the street to hit up this Taqueria, Pancho Villa, for dinner. I celebrated my work out with Chipotle Prawns and a Strawberry agua fresca 🙂

In closing, I am seriously thinking about this CrossFit thing.  I think coming off the reallylackluster and disappointing Boot Camp CrossFit is exactly what I had been looking for. The classes here are limited to 12 people (after a 4 week 3 person limited class) and the sense of community and support is very apparent.  I like that the boys we worked out with (who both finished in the 6 minute range) and the other CrossFit Coaches in the studio were cheering me and my friends on as we finished the workout.  I really liked that.  I am starting a new job in a couple weeks that includes a longer commute. This just means I need to figure out how long it will actually take to get to and from the new job.  My plan is to check out a couple more fitness programs before I commit to one (though CrossFit is definitely at the top of the list). Next up is the $100 New Client Unlimited Month at the Bar Method in Palo Alto.

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