An Anti-climactic End to Boot Camp

So about a month ago, I bought and signed up for a boot camp in Burlingame. I was so excited to give my running more strength and power.  I am satisfied with my run during and post booter, but the boot camp itself was disappointing.

I guess I can’t be too dissatisfied because I got what I wanted out of this month.  I have baby biceps out of it and my runs feel a lot stronger.  I can run for longer (and sometimes faster) without getting tired.  I think the boot camp wasn’t at all what I expected.  I understood that this indoor boot camp would be different and I guess I just didn’t like the format.  I prefer the outdoor, military style boot camp.

So what made this boot camp ending so blah was this week….

1) Our “core” warm-up was essentially the P90X Ab Ripper X DVD.  I have P90X… I have done Ab Ripper X, don’t get me wrong, it’s good 15 minute ab work, but really?! I could do this shiz at home.

2) Wednesday we ran out of time… it was Tabata day (high interval training, 40 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds per station).  I mean I am not a math genius, but seriously, do some math (like a grade school word problem).  You have 7 exercises, 8 rounds of 40 seconds/10 seconds, at each station.  (To be generous, lets say 1 minute per round).  How much time do you need to finish the circuit?

Let’s see, 7 exercises time 8 rounds equals 56 round (7 x 8 = 56) at 1 minute (ish) per round… that is 56 minutes… Boot camp is supposed to be 60 minutes… and of course we did warm up stretches and our lame P90X Ab Ripper X rip off warm up… there wasn’t enough time to finish!  I think we got through 3 full rounds before it was time to go… yeah…

Okay, I apologize for my blog rant, but when I completed the boot camp in Southern California I was filled with such happiness and pride.  After completed this boot camp on Wednesday morning… I did not have any of those feelings. :-/

All I have to say now is it’s over.  I got what I paid for… a discounted booter (thanks to Groupon) and the strength I wanted to get through longer runs.  I don’t think I will be returning to this boot camp.  If people ask me about it, I will be truthful.  I will tell them that the women I met there were very happy with the boot camp, but as for me, I wanted something more like the outdoor, military style booter.

Now that booter is over… I will start running more.  Where I am in my training schedule calls for long week day runs.  I will add a strength class about once or twice a week (I’ll just take BobyPump at my local 24 Hour Fitness).

TWO (2) WEEKS before my 10k at the Giant Race!

And SEVEN (7) WEEKS til the San Jose Rock n Roll Half…. OMG… EEKS!



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