Weekend Update (in lieu of a Booter Week 4 update)

I decided since boot camp is just chugging along and varies very little week to week… I’m just going to skip the weekly update.  My weekend was much more fun and exciting anyway 🙂

I will start by saying I got some really awesome news Friday morning which fueled my excitement for an already exciting weekend.  Friday after work, I drove straight to my local Lululemon store to buy a new running top (I have been accused of being obsessed.  These accusers may be correct, but I really can’t help it!).  I got myself the Dash Tank II. This was my reward for the good news! I really do think Lululemon has magical powers that make me run stronger and faster. Anyway, so after my purchase, I hit the gym for a 4-mile training run.  I knew I wasn’t going to get a chance to train this weekend, so Friday night running it was.  The run was strong and felt really good.  I think coming off the good SF Marathon 5k helped a lot.  I actually was able to run on the treadmill for 2 miles without thinking of stopping.  This is a major improvement for me.

My top is the one on the right with the ruffle all the way down the back.

On Saturday, I woke up at a normal weekday time and went to the city.  I met my friend for a sailing tour.  We had purchased a Yelp Deal a couple months ago and it was time to cash it in.  We met over at Pier 39 to set sail on the Santa Maria, part of the San Francisco Sailing Company’s fleet.  Sailing was pretty neat, but I would have liked more narration from the Captain or First Mate.  The captain tell us about this fleet of canoe/sail boats from the Cook Islands that had come across the Pacific using traditional (read: old skool!) navigation methods.

And with that… here are some photos from sailing (I would have taken more, but I was holding on to the boat!):


After sailing, we hightailed it over to AT&T Park for the Phillies v. Giants game.  We had also gone on Thursday.  Saturday’s game was really exciting to go to: 1) it was Virgin America Day! This meant all fans in attendance got 2 for 1 ticket vouchers.  What a deal! and 2) it was the day after a bench clearing, 3 person ejection game! Oh the drama!

It is a rough life in San Fran to go sailing in the morning and then baseball game on a beautiful date in the afternoon.

And with that… photos at the game (nosebleed seats on the first base side means a LOVELY view of McCovey Cove – You can see the boats from the Cook Islands in the last one!):



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