The San Francisco (Progressive) Marathon (5k)

On Sunday July 31 I participated in the San Francisco Marathon’s Progressive 5k.  The deal is on race day (July 31) I ran a 5k, 3.1 miles.  The progressive part came in the weeks before race day.  I used a tracking sheet to log my miles.  A total of 23.1 mile over the course of about 10 runs (2-3 miles per run, not bad).  Take the 23.1 miles plus the race day 3.1 miles, you get 26.2 miles (the equivalent of a full marathon)

I think the Progressive Marathon was totally worth it.  I got all the perks of running an actual marathon:

  • Official Race Long Sleeve Technical Tee
  • Progressive Marathon Medal (the ran out!)
  • Finish line food (i.e. bananas, plums, cinnamon sugar scone, bottle of water)

So… they ran out of medals…. granted maybe I should have run a bit faster, but I was hardly at the end of the pack.  By the time I reached the finish line (at a very respectable time for me), there were no more medals.  I, along with dozens of

other disappointed Progressive Marathon finishers stood by as one of the race staff members scrambled to get out names and numbers.  He stated that the medals would be sent to us later 😦 In the end, I tore off the little “MEDAL” tab off my personalized race bib and dropped it into the bag he was carrying with many others’ tab.  I think they could have given us an extra “beer” ticket at the very least… but alas… I didn’t even want a beer (I would have preferred some Blue Bottle Coffee!)

Nevertheless, I had a great time running this event! I enjoyed the Expo the day before too.  I usually don’t stick around the expos too long because well… they are usually pretty dull.  I stopped by the GU booth to pick up some GU packets for my roommate (who was running the First Half Marathon), the Lululemon yoga area to chat it up with the Grant Store Lulu workers (if you didn’t know already, I love Lulu!), spun the wheel for four (4) entries to win an iPad at the Degree Motion Sense booth (and added to my already 5 to-go antiperspirants)…. Anywho, it was fun with lots to stop and see.

As I mentioned before I ran this 5k in a pretty respectable time for me.  In my training runs, I have been averaging about 15 minute miles (walk/run).  I ran this 5k in about 38 minutes… with a pace at a little over 12 min/mile.  I was actually pretty shocked at my time.  I even had to stop for bio break! (I know… one should not have to stop for a bio break for a measly 3 miles, but I did).  This gives me good momentum getting into my longer training runs in the coming weeks.

My next race is the Giant Race 10k on Saturday August 27th.  I really would like to run this 10k with out stopping.  (t my only 10k was back in So Cal in 2009 and I stopped running at right about the 5 mile marker).

Lastly… here are some photos of the Embarcadero on Race Day! (last photo is of the Subway dude, Jerad Fogle)


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