Thank you Foodspotting!

In a previous post, I talked about attending the Foodspotting Eat-up in SF. I have been using the Foodspotting website and iPhone app for about a year now.  I think foodspotting is friggin’ awesome.  I have been teased about taking photos of my food and sharing them with others.  I really like to share with my sister (who lives in LA) some of the good eats of this awesome foodie city.  She in turn does the same.  Our text message conversation is riddled with photos of various foods (She loves ramen and I love cheeseburgers)

A couple weeks ago a stumbled upon a tweet from Foodspotting about a contest to win a Sony WX9 digital camera. I just had to simply (in 140 characters or less) explain why I wanted to win the camera. I entered with this tweet:

@eat2finishline: I want to win #fsgiveaway because sharing food photos with my sister is like having her with me. #imissmysister

Last Friday, I was again trolling Twitter and saw that Foodspotting had posted a new blog announcing the winner of the camera… and the winner was ME!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I hope to receive the camera soon so I can start adding to my foodspotting profile!  I have lots of plans for that camera and my tummy.

Thank you to Foodspotting and Sony for the wonderful gift!  Cheers and bon appétit!!

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