Booter Week 3 (Quick Wrap-up)

So I have been majorly LAGGING on posting new material.  This is my bad.  This week was particularly bad… I was away last weekend at a wedding in wine country and then waking up early for boot camp caught up with me.  I was a zombie all week.

There is not much to report for boot camp.  After 3 weeks of boot camp, I have come to realize that every week is the same.  Although the exercises are different day-to-day, the format is the same. Monday – circuit. Wednesday – Tabata (interval circuit). Friday – Challenge (circuit – last two weeks we went “at our own pace”).  I don’t really like the whole “at your own pace” thing.  I think I mentioned that I am not too fond of the format of the boot camp and this week being very similar to last doesn’t help.  I think I was just expecting something completely different when I signed up for a “boot camp.”

On a positive note, I am noticing a difference in my body. Earlier this week I noticed a mini baby bicep.  I was very excited about this… go baby bicep!

Okay… as for fitness posts… I will be running the 5k at the San Francisco Marathon tomorrow morning. I got myself a new top at Lululemon and I’m ready to rock and roll!  I”ll post photos and such later.

Time to get to bed. Good night.

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