Booter Day 6 (and the weekend ahead)

I am trying to post about boot camp the day it happens (it helps I’m working from home today).

This morning was challenge day and we had ten… that’s TEN stations on the circuit today.  The most stations to date.  The instructor showed us how to do each exercise and then kinda sorta broke us into groups to go through 10 reps of each exercise on our own. (I think this is another reason I don’t really like this boot camp.  I mean I’m motivated, but going about it on our own seemed like a big free for all).  We were to go through the set of 10 stations 5 times.

I barely made it through 3 rotations. I don’t want to make excuse or complain all the time, but we got started late (after 6am); which meant we started the rotations even later.  I don’t think anyone got through all 5.

Okay, as much as I complain, today’s work out kicked my booty.  There are some exercises I can just breeze through and then there are the ones I really dislike… Burpees.  I really really dislike burpees!  We also did these one-legged push-ups that were a chore to get through too.  We had about 3 stations that were squat based.  That’s 30% squats! I have to remind myself that all this leg work is helping my running.

  1. Medicine ball squat with toss-up
  2. V-sit ups
  3. Squat jumping jacks
  4. Scissor lunges (like jump from one lunge to the next)
  5. Medicine ball slam downs (pretty much throwing the ball to the ground)
  6. Spiderman push-ups (those one-legged ones… pulling the lifted leg to the shoulder…ouch)
  7. In-n-out burpees
  8. Bench crunches (like rowing sit ups)
  9. Pull-ups (but the bar was really low… so we could use our legs to help us up)
  10. Roll up from your back into a squat things (like how I have no clue what these exercises are called?)

This weekend I’m slated to run 4 miles.  I will be in Sonoma Wine Country for a wedding (woot woot for a staycation!).  The resort we will be staying at has a gym facility, but I want to see if i can find a route outside i can run.  I will be glad to get the run over with so I can lay out by the pool (to rid my ankles of my sock tan) and then EAT and DRINK at this wedding 🙂 Cheers to the bride and groom!

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