Booter Day 5 & 2mile Run (Two-a-day)

Yesterday was my first “two-a-day”; I went to boot camp at 6am and then went to the gym at 630pm for a 2 mile run.  I didn’t expect to be as tired as I am, but I am.

So, yesterday at Booter we did the thing we did last Wednesday where we have the different stations and go through multiple reps of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest again.  I think that this boot camp has a structure of circuit training on Monday, this 20secs on/10 secs off on Wednesday, and “challenge” day on Friday (which is essentially another circuit training).

Honestly… It’s kinda boring to me. Granted, I would not be doing all these different types of exercises on my own.  I think I was expecting much more in a boot camp.  On top of what is turning out to be a monotonous structure, the boot camp leader seemed “out of it” yesterday.  We were to go 6 rounds of 20 on/10 off at each station.  She kept losing count of how many rounds we had done.  I’m sorry, but part of the reason I have a trainer is to count for me.  I just get too wrapped up in form, breathing, and the pain to count for myself.

Again, I think I was and am expecting more in a boot camp.  My last booter was more dynamic. We did different types of work outs day to day – circuits, football drills, hill running day (always Wednesdays, always hated it (but secretly loved it)), basketball drills. Anywho… I am glad I got a Groupon deal for this booter and won’t be returning for more.

Okay so the stations we did 6 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 second rest:

  1. Rows with a free weight
  2. Monster walks – essentially taking ones step forward and backward while in a perpetual squat
  3. Bear Crawls – on hands and feet crawling. foot to hand, foot to hand
  4. Froggie Jumps – pretty much a squat jump
  5. TRX Biceps (3 rounds)/Triceps (3 rounds)
  6. Lunges with our back leg on an elevated platform
  7. Dive bombs – I think this is a yoga move where you start in a downward dog and go into the cat stretch without having your body touch the ground
  8. Lateral Speed Skater jumps

So after boot camp and an eight-hour work day, I noticed that the half marathon training schedule I am following showed that I was due for a 2-mile run.  I know it’s only 2-miles, but I was not ready for the whole gym in the morning, gym in the afternoon thing.  Next week when I have another two-a-day, I will prepare by packing my running shoes in my gym bag.  I usually don’t bring them because at boot camp we can be shoeless (I usually show up in my flippie floppies and do the routine barefoot).

Wednesdays while doing this boot camp will look like this:

  • 6-7am: Boot Camp
  • 715-745am: shower and get ready at the gym
  • 8am-4pm: Work work work!
  • 415-5pm: back to the gym for running
The run itself was good.  I think as much as I just complained about boot camp it is doing what I want it to do: making me stronger to help my running endurance.  I felt strong and steady.  So, boot camp, do your thing…. Make me strong! Make me fast! Get me ready for this half marathon!

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