Booter Day 3 & 4 – Friday July 15 & Monday July 18 (and the weekend in between)

I am really lagging on my booter updates. I am updating for Friday July 15 on Monday the 18th.

Friday was “Challenge” day.  For Challenge day, we had 7 stations where we would count our reps for the time we were there (I am totally drawing a blank on how many seconds we were at these stations for…). Our instructor pair us up and sent us around with a piece of paper and a pen.  After each we wrote our number of reps down.  Each time around, we would try to beat ourselves and do more reps.

Well, I don’t remember all the exercises we did last week, but all i remember were the Mountain Climbers.  I hate mountain climbers.

Let me telling you about my weekend. I did the same run in the city I have been doing for the last 2 weeks; San Francisco Ferry Building to AT&T Park and back. Then grabbed an Ice Coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee Co. and a sandwich.  This week in addition to my friend I had been meeting up with, my roommate decided to join too.

I have really been enjoying this run because you start seeing the “usuals” out running with you.  It’s nice to have “friends” out there with you, even though you don’t know them.

Here are more photos of the run along the Embarcadero (and my Iced Coffee):


Then on Sunday, I had a gal pal from my days in So Cal visit.  We are both Los Angeles Anaheim Angels fans so we decided to head to Oakland and catch their game against the A’s. This game was pretty much over from the moment we sat down! It was a terrible 1st inning by the Angels… It was 8-0 A’s after the 1st inning. we still stayed till the 8th to enjoy the day.

Okay lets fast forward to today… (since I can remember the workout). A new girl started today and total there were about 6 of us (that is about half of the people from last week). After the usual stretch, dynamic warm up, laps around the springy floor and core work. We did a 7 station circuit, 40 seconds at each:

  1. Dead lift squats
  2. 5-yard lateral shuffle
  3. TRX Rows
  4. Wall Squats
  5. Under/Over – Since we are at the gymnastics studio, we used the balance beam. We had to duck under it, then climb over it.
  6. Push ups on the lower balance beam
  7. I don’t know what these thing were called, but we had to jiggle this huge rope while doing a backward lunge – Coordination needed here!!!
We went through the seven stations 4 times.  Then stretched and that was that for today.  I think Mondays are already rough, but getting up for Booter on Monday makes me to tired by 8pm (and the sun is barely down in the Bay Area).  I am off to bed. Good night.


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