Foodspotting Eat-Up!

A couple weeks ago, when I made a deal with my co-worker to workout at least 3 times before we met up to eat, we had decided to go to this Foodspotting Eat-up event featuring The Rib Whip in the City. This Eat-up took place last night in a little empty lot in the SoMa neighborhood of San Fran.  I had never been to this location or been to an “Eat-up” before so I didn’t really know what to expect.  My co-worker and I took the BART into the City and walked from there.

And let me just say… It was awesome! I had such a great time meeting other Foodspotters and chatting over our BBQ.  It was really cool to meet the people who set up the event and the co-founder of Foodspotting itself! Everyone was very friendly. And I especially loved that everyone was taking photos of their food (with no judgement :-)).

And with that, here are my photos of my Rip Whip BBQ dinner (please note, I’ve been following the Rib Whip on twitter for a little while now, but since I don’t work near the city it’s been hard to catch up with him and try the BBQ):

After the ribs, we hit up the Pacific Puffs truck (apparently they recently debuted the truck, but have been located in the Marina on the corner of Fillmore and Union for a couple years). Anywho… can we say YUM?! How can I love a cream puff?!  I ordered 2; vanilla with chocolate on top & chocolate with powdered sugar on top… and then on our way out, I ordered one more vanilla with chocolate on the top.

Okay… so I did some damage on my diet, but it was all worth it.  So in all at the Foodspotting Eat-up I had: A can of Black Star beer, 1/3 slab of ribs (in the most delicious BBQ sauce), shared portions of mac n’ cheese & baked beans, a chocolate cream puff w/powdered sugar on top, a vanilla cream puff with chocolate on top.  That’s nothing a little run can’t burn off, right?!


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