Booter Day 2

After last night’s Foodspotting Eat-up I really needed to get moving today. So today at 6am I showed up for Day 2 of my booter. I got to the gymnastics studio close to 6am and we pretty much got started right away. I know now if I want to have time to use the foam roller to work my sore/tight muscles, I’ll have to show up a little earlier.

We got started with some stretches and dynamic moves to get the blood flowing.  After this we jogged the perimeter of the springy floor again. (I felt like I was prancing… love that springy floor). After a couple laps of running, skipping, high knee skipping and laterals, we got in a big circle to do planks.  Planks with a little bit of a twist.  Our booter instructor counted as we had to touch each knee to the ground; One (right knee), two (left knee), three (right knee), four (left knee), etc… all the way up to 40. Ouch!

After the planks with a twist, we split into six pairs and moved through stations.  At each station we were to do 8-sets of 20-second intervals with a 10-second rest in between each set. Here are the stations:

  • Flutter Kicks – Our ab work
  • Sit-ups with Medicine Ball Toss – I remember doing a variation of this when I was in swim team (a lifetime ago).  Throwing the ball against the wall we were set up at was a little difficult because the ball wouldn’t bounce back at us.  It would just dribble on the floor. Ha! So we just had to improvise a little.
  • TRX Low Rows – I was actually looking forward to using the TRX. The are these cable things and you essentially use your own body weight as the resistance. So for the low row, we had to get down low facing the ceiling and pull ourselves up in that rowing motion.
  • Front and Back Lunges – Front lunge then right into a step back lunge. I have a feeling these will make me sore tomorrow.
  • Squats – Well you know a squat with a weight.
  • Elevated Push-ups – We put our feet (or in my case, knees) on an elevated pile of mats and did a push up.
  • Suicides (as a group at the end of the 6 stations) – more running back and forth.  A good way to end the session.
So according to the Half Marathon Training Program I am following, I am also supposed to run 2 miles today, but I am exhausted from the day.  I know I shouldn’t miss a run, but today I am.  I am just not ready for these 2-a-days. The alarm clock is set, and I will wake up at “boot camp” time to hit the gym, for my scheduled 3 miler tomorrow.  You can quote me on that!
The sun is barely down here in SF, but I’m off to bed!  Good night!

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