Boot Camp: Day 1

Monday July 11 (posting a day late on the eve of booter day 2)

I started boot camp on Monday.  Woot woot. So this boot camp is 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) in Burlingame.  We are at a gymnastics studio which is super cool because we did most of the work out on a springy floor.  (it’s easy on the joints).

This booter is a bit different than the last one I did in SoCal; no weigh in, no sit up test, no push up test, and no food journal!

When I arrived the instructor, had me start by using the foam roller to massage and loosen up my muscles.  I had never used a foam roller before, but it was helpful.  I usually find that my calves get really tight from running. I actually have The Stick at home to loosen and relieve my muscles.  Kinda nice to have another alternative.

Anywho, so after using the foam roller we did a quick warm up and a few laps around the perimeter of the springy floor.  Did I mention how awesome the springy floor is?

Then we did ab work.  Nothing like Ab Ripper X, but it was still pretty tough.

The bulk of the workout were six (6) stations:

  • Arm rows
  • T-runs (run in a straight line, lateral to a cone to the right, then to a cone to the left, then back to the center, run backward to starting point)
  • One-legged burpees
  • Lateral Hops (just jumping side to side in these two (2) hoops)
  • One-legged squats
  • Steps ups

We were at each stations for forty seconds then we moved to the next station.  We went through the rotation about 5 times. After we stretched and that was that.

It was pretty good.  I felt good for the first day and am looking forward to seeing what is next.

I ended up packing a gym bag so that I could shower at my gym and then head into work (no stop at home needed).

Alright, well since I have booter tomorrow at 6am, I will be getting to bed.  More booter blogging tomorrow, but only after I post about the Foodspotting Eat-up I went to tonight.  It was amazing!

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