Happy 4th of July! (Weekend Update)

Happy 235th Birthday America!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  I decided to stay here in the Bay Area this weekend.  The weather here was absolutely beautiful this weekend.


I had decided sometime last week that I would go into the city (I actually live a bit south of SF) and run along the Embarcadero.  My route would start at the Ferry Building and end around AT&T Park.  I also had plans to meet up with a friend at the Ferry Building after the run to walk around the Farmers Market, and of course… EAT.

I started off the day by taking the BART to the Embarcadero station and walking a couple blocks over to the 24 Hour Fitness (100 California St, cross street Davis). I checked in there and locked my stuff in a locker, then headed out to the Ferry Building to start my run.  I think the Farmers Market starts around 8am, so by 9am there were plenty of people milling around.  I started running after I moved away from the crowd of the Market and I ran south towards the ballpark.

I ran most of the way to AT&T Park and then ran/walked back to the Ferry Building.  I don’t run too much outside and forgot how refreshing it can be.  I was inspired by other runners along the route. I found myself trying to keep up with them or pace myself with them.  Below are a few photos I snapped along the way.

After my run, I walked back to the 24 Hour Fitness and took a shower. I have to add that this 24 Hour Fitness is listed as an “Active” club on the website, but this is by far the nicest “Active” club I’ve been to.  I am not sure how 24 does their club classifications, but as far as I know, Super Sport Clubs are the clubs with TVs on the Cardio machines, dry sauna, steam room and spa amenities…. Anyway, this one has all the snazzy amenities.  I definitely will do this run more often.

After my shower I met up with my friend at the Ferry Building.  I had to get caffeinated so I waited in line at the Blue Bottle Coffee Co Kiosk for my New Orleans Iced Coffee… it was so worth the wait!  My friend had a latte.

Okay, this is where I get a little ridiculous. I don’t know how or when it all started, but I started following 4505 Meats and Roti Roti on twitter (and wanted to try both!).  The line at Roti Roti is always super long, so while my friend waited in line there, I went over to 4505 Meats to grab and “appetizer” – The Fried Chicken Plate (I only ate half of it):

By the time I got back, my friend was nearing the front of the Roti Roti line.  She picked me up their highly recommended Porchetta Sandwich (I also only ate half – saved the other half for later):

It was also worth the wait!


On Sunday, I woke up and my legs were a bit sore. I don’t know if it was the outside run or the 5 minutes worth of lunges and squats I did on Friday night, but I was sore.  I decided to swim at the 24 Hour Fitness a bit south from my house in San Mateo.  I was brought up a swimmer (swam competitively growing up, taught swim lessons, and coached a youth swim team).  I might be a little bit of a swimming pool elitist, but I think the people swimming with me Sunday morning had no lane etiquette. I mean the first lane I hopped in the one lady in the lane didn’t even scooch over to one side! Despite the lane stuff, I ended up swimming for about 30 minutes.  It was nice to get back in the pool even though I can’t swim as long as I once did (in High School practices were 1.5-2 hours long).


And here we are to Monday.  I did a short run at the gym today about 2 miles total; less than 1 mile actually running.  I tied my left shoe too tight and my foot went numb.  Boo.  I didn’t mind that I didn’t run as much today since I plan to go tomorrow morning… I will be sure to loosen up that shoe!

Happy 4th! I’m going to get ready to go to bed… and listen to the neighbor light fireworks… and hope they don’t burn down my house.  Be safe, neighbors, be safe.

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