Running in New Stuff

As I mentioned in my Weekend Recap post, last Friday, I went a little shopping crazy (I blame payday). I bought a Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve in the store and the Run: Tempo Crop II online.

So I tried running in the top on Saturday and I love it. I don’t generally like running in long sleeve, but this top is light weight and is really good about wicking the sweat away. I want the short sleeve version now for runs indoors.  So one of the things I absolutely love about Lululemon is their attention to detail.  On the inside hem of the shirt there are mantras sewn or set into the shirt.  It’s nice to pull that top on and see some encouraging words. They read:

  • Life is too short for the treadmill, get outside and run
  • I am a runner because I run
  • Do it now
  • Set your goals

As for the Tempo Crop, I received them on Wednesday (a rest day for me).  I wore them yesterday on my run… and OMG.  I LOVE those pants!  I love the material, the waistband, the ruching on the side of the leg, the mini pockets for Power Gel or GU… i just love these pants.  I had a good day in general yesterday so I don’t think the magic pants were solely responsible for my good run, but damn, I love these pants.  They are where fashion meets function; the perfect combination.  It is true that when you feel good and confident, your runs will get good too.

Okay, so about yesterday’s run, I was super excited that a new Runner’s World magazine was waiting for me in my mailbox (shout out to my friend Stu who got me a gift subscription this year 🙂 Thank you!).  It is the Half Marathon Special (perfect for me and my endeavors!). They also have a section for “Fastinistas”…. HELLO!? ME!!! This issue was made for me!  There is a 10-week 1/2 Marathon Training Plan that I will try and follow.  It seems pretty reasonable.  My weakness is my endurance, but I think I can do it! Check it out: August issue on sale 7/6: #halfmarathon training w @rwchallen… on Twitpic.


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