My Deal with my Co-worker

I am lucky enough to find a partner in crime at work. A girl, who like me, loves food.  We are both relatively new to the Bay Area. I am straight from Southern California and she from Philly by way of So Cal.

We recently started hanging out outside of work trying new places to eat. So to assuage our guilt for the extra calories we made a pact.  For every food outing we go on, we have to hit the gym at least 3 times (when we made the pact, we were meeting up about once a week).  Gym 3 times a week is not a bad plan.

Anywho… so these are the eating events we agreed upon yesterday:

  1. Three-course dinner at the Tonga Room.  We got a deal on PopSugar a few weeks ago and have made reservations for next week to dine.  I have heard a lot about this place; once on the Travel Channel’s Extreme Barhopping and also on the news when they were saying it was going to be closed.
  2. The Foodspotting and Rib Whip Eat-up.  I follow both on twitter and have always wanted to try the Rib Whip.
  3. ad hoc‘s fried chicken night.  Monday nights are fried chicken nights.  My friend has been itching to try… so I told her, if she drives, I will go.  (i have been here for almost 2 years and have not myself driven over a bridge just yet… weird? Maybe, but oh well).
Updates and photos will be posted once these events have been attended and tasted! 🙂

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