June 28th: Food and Run Log

Again, I tried to wake up early to hit the gym.  Again, the alarm clock won.  Thank goodness I haven’t had anything planned for the last 2 afternoons so I was able to hit the gym after work. For the record, I logged ~1.5 miles yesterday (since I won’t write specifically about that run).

So after 2 baseball games this weekend (read: eating bad-but-so-delicious-stadium-food), I was feeling kinda sluggish and decided to eat some healthier things this week.

This morning I made a pretty hearty breckie (breakfast in my lingo).  I use the frozen peppers & onions from Trader Joe’s.  Scramble those with an egg and a little more egg whites.  I pile the egg, pepper and onion scramble on a whole wheat sandwich thin with a few turkey slices and Muenster cheese. (I will post a photo tomorrow)

Update 6/29/11:

For lunch, I made a turkey sandwich on a whole wheat sandwich thin.  I added lite havarti cheese, mixed greens, and some Roma tomato. On the side I have baby carrots and a yellow peach. (yes, I eat lunch at my desk).

As a snack, I had a couple Milton’s crackers with some PB.  I was starving right before I left work.  I keep crackers and PB in my desk for such an occasion.

After work, I went to the gym.  After yesterday’s run, I taped up my shin because it got really tight/sore after the short run I did.  I am sure there is a scientific reason, but for me it’s mental; my leg feels great when it’s all taped up.  I even had a conversation about it on the way down the elevator to the gym parking lot.  Anywho, I logged about 2.45 miles today.  Like I said, the run felt great. And it definitely helped that Giants baseball was on the TVs.  The game helped pass the time.

When I got home I made myself a big salad: Mixed greens, Roma tomato, beets (from Trader Joe’s), shredded rotisserie chicken, and Pear Champagne Dressing (also from Trader Joe’s).  Here is the salad before dressing.

I would like to think I was “good” today with the eating, but I finished off the night with some Three Twins Lemon Cookie Ice Cream.  (this stuff is too good!).  I learned my lesson from Last night.  Yesterday I had the Mocha Difference flavor (coffee ice cream with dark chocolate flecks)… and lets just say I was wide awake at bed time last night. And that is why the alarm clock won this morning.

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