Weekend Recap

Friday Post-Blog:

I went to Lululemon at lunchtime.  Payday and Lulu are a DANGEROUS combination for me. I ended up purchasing two items (two too many if you ask my budget). I went home with the Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve. And went back to my desk to order the Run: Tempo Crop II online (they didn’t have my size/color available in the store).  Let me just say I love the Long Sleeve top.  It has mantras in the inside of the bottom seam.  One said, “Set your goals”.

Then Friday night was Indians v Giants game night!  It was pretty awesome.  I ended up eating a chili cheese dog at the game.  I will spare you of that photo. Instead I will add one of the view from our seats (2 rows back from the visitors bullpen :-)).


I was up and at the gym around  8am.  I ended up doing 3.22 miles on the treadmill.  One of those miles was running.  The run felt really good.  Usually when I run, my calves get really tight and it’s hard to keep going.  On Saturday, I think I could have kept running for more mileage, but the problem was… I got bored.  I am going to have to find ways to make running less boring.  I usually do okay with ESPN, but at 9am, Sports Center turned into Bowling… ummmm… no thanks.

After my run, I went down to the Road Runner Store with my roommate.  We ended up spending 90 bucks on socks!  I needed some to run in every day.  Anywho, the socks have been purchased and I hope to not have to buy more socks during my training.


I knew I had a long day ahead of me (Bridal Shower, mani/pedi, Giants game) in the city, so I knew I had to get up early to run/walk.  I ended up getting up and going for about 30 minutes.  I did about 1.5 miles at the gym.  It wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing.

The Bridal Shower was great!  It was brunch style and we were served champagne with a choice of fruit puree (apricot, peach or strawberry) or orange or grapefruit juice.  Yum!  Among the food that was served, there were mounds of Tartine Bakery goods!  By far one of the best bakeries in the city!  The morning bun is number 7 (I don’t think they are ranked in any particular order) on 7×7 Mag’s list of 100 Things to Try Before You Die in SF.  So worth it!

photo of Tartine Baked goods from my files:

Okay, so after the Bridal Shower, I met a friend up at Tiptoes for a mani/pedi.  I really needed a good mani/pedi. And what I really wanted was a nice hand and foot massage!  I got OPI’s Do You Think I’m Tex-y on my toes and my fingers.

Per request, Mani/pedi photo:

Then it was off to AT&T Park to see the last game of the Indians v Giants series.  Giants swept the Indians.  It was a perfect day for a game.  And it was great fun!  Here are photos from the seats in the bleachers.

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