Upcoming Races

I have already mentioned that I started this blog because I have signed up for the San Jose Rock n Roll on October 2nd.  Well here are the other races I will be participating in before the big day:

  • San Francisco Progressive Marathon 5k: Sunday July 31st.  So for this run, I will log my miles on a tracker.  I have to run 23.1 miles on my own before race day on the 31st.  Then 3.1mile (5k).  Together that’s 26.2 miles; the distance of a full marathon!  I get a medal for my efforts.
  • The Giant Race 10k: Saturday August 27th. I ran the 5k last year and it was so much fun.  I have only ever run one 10k before.  That was back in 2009 when I was at my fittest.  I look forward to the challenge.  The best part about this race is that it’s a flat course along San Francisco’s Embarcadero that ends on the warning track of AT&T Park.  And then you get to cross home plate (and have your photo taken) as you finish up!
So I got to looking at my past 5k times and I had forgotten how fast I was back in 2009.  It was actually kinda shocking to re-hash the times with my sister the other night.  My fastest 5k time was 33:06, a 10:39/mile pace.  I don’t think this upcoming 5k will be nearly as fast, but I like to look at this time and know that I can do it.  My goal for this 5k will be to run it continuously.  And if I happen to get around 36:00, I will be even happier.
As for the 10k in August, I would totally LOVE it if I could run that continuously.  The one and only 10k I did back in 2009 I ran 5 miles and ran/walked the last mile.  We will see what happens.
Wish me luck! Cheer me on!

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