This morning I lost the battle…

I lost the battle with my alarm clock!  It won, sleep won.

I was fully planning to get up at 5/5:30am to got for a run this morning, but I just couldn’t do it. I instead rolled out of bed around 6:45am and got ready for work.  I don’t want to make excuses, but things have been difficult this week.  My roommate’s little dog died when he was struck by a car after he escaped from our yard.  So the house has a could of sadness over it right now.

As for tomorrow, I have (wishful) plans to run in the morning.  I am going to the Indians v. Giants game tonight (this will mean more food posts) with some old roommates from college… so we can see what time I actually crawl into bed… and what time I can actually crawl out of it. My plan for tomorrow is a 3-4 mile slow and steady run/walk.  I don’t have any definite plans, so even if I wake up late I can hit the gym whenever.

I also plan to hit up the Road Runner Store tomorrow.  They sent me an email for summer savings of 20% off (I want to check out some accessories, bras, socks, etc).  I signed up for their VIP program 2 weeks ago when I purchased my new running shoes (Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11).  They have this nifty Shoe Dog Perfect Fit Finder.  It’s really neat.  They essentially use a bunch of different tests to find the best shoe for your foot and for the way you run.  My roommate and I both got fitted that day for shoes.  Best of all, Road Runner has an amazing return/exchange policy for the shoes.  They told us 90-days to return and they will help us find another pair.  I think I’ll know by 90-days if the Brooks are good for me.  PS – my first run with these shoes was AMAZING (every other run has been great too… so I think these are a keeper).

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