I run to… wake myself up in the morning…

and apparently to try out my new gear…

Today I woke up at 5:30am and was running at the gym by 6am.  I didn’t hit the gym yesterday because I thought I would only do 3 days a week early morning runs.  It was kinda rough to wake up this morning so I made a decision today that I’m going back to my 2008 boring old lady schedule (at least for now).  I will try to call it a night around 10pm so I can get up at 5am for runs every weekday.

I have enjoyed Monday’s and today’s morning runs.  It’s nice to get it out-of-the-way.  And after work, I have time to do other things.  Today I had the luxury of doing laundry and cleaning my room.  Monday was more fun use of my time; Happy hour at Straits in Burlingame.

And here are some photos of the food 🙂

Okay… as for the second part of this post.  I have a bit of a shopping problem and a bit of a Lululemon addiction too.  When we were at Straits on Monday, I stopped by the Lululemon store across the street because I wanted to try the no-show socks they have.  I have been currently running with the socks that show… and I have the sock tan to prove it.  Anyway, out of vanity, I bought the no-shows.  I ran in them this morning and so far so good.  I was worried they would slip down while running, but that’s not the case.  Maybe on the next run I’ll go further with them and see how the hold UP!

Also today, I received a surprise package in my mailbox.  It was from my good friend Jenn. I had been gmail chatting her about all my Lululemon purchases. With no further ado… here’s what I found in my surprise:

Thanks Jenn!  Now I can officially say that I run head to toe in Lulu (well I at least one full Lulu outfit).  Hair ties (above), headband (when necessary), bra, tank, zippy, undies, skirt and socks (2 kinds).  Woot woot!  So these little guys are a little snug on my thick hair, but I’ll give them the test run on tomorrow morning’s run.

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