Yoga. Love. Run. Ice Cream.

Two things I love: Lululemon and Ice Cream.

I recently saw this advertisement in one of my Runner’s World Magazines:

Yoga. Love. Run. Ice Cream.  And to that I say, “Yes, Please!”  Thanks Lulu for creating an ad that spoke directly to me.

And now for my new favorite ice cream.  My roommate and I seriously have a problem: this stuff needs to be in the freezer at all times!  I am actually out of ice cream today and will need to hit up Mollie Stones (the one-step-up-from-trader-joe’s-but-one-step-down-from-whole-foods supermarket on my way home).

Three Twins Ice Cream… <drool> my favorite flavor is the Lemon Cookie.

And I have gone so far as to find a solution to the whole my hand warmth melts the ice cream thing (or in most cases in the bay area, it’s too cold to even hold the pint)… it’s an ice cream pint cozy!! I have a friend who would call this “problem” (of the ice cream melting in hand or hand being too cold to eat my $5 pint of ice cream) a “champagne problem.”

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