Rock On: What I’m Running for…

Okay so on Monday, when my baby blog was born, I mentioned that I will be running the San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon on October 2nd.  There are a couple reasons I chose this particular race:

  1. I was not selected for the Nike Women’s Half (I won’t even hyperlink that. I am bitter I was not selected, humph!)
  2. My younger sister did the San Diego Rock n Roll Half and had a time of 2:58:05 (and her friend had a time of 2:51:17)… and in my competitive nature, I NEED to beat her! I am using a photo of their finisher medals with times to motivate me on the treadmill (see below – pic 1)
  3. If I run in San Jose, I don’t have to travel very far (and I have plans to ask my San Jose friend if I can stay at her place the night before the run)
  4. If I run another Rock n Roll race, I will get another medal! (see below – pic 2).  To get the encore medal, I’ve selected the Vegas Rock n Roll on December 4th.  Vegas will be super cool because it’s a night run down the famous strip!

My goal time is 2:58.04… might as well make it 2:51:16

Encore Medal for two (2) Rock n Roll events – Goal is San Jose & Vegas!

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