New Gear… delivered!

Okay… so I have a slight addiction to shopping.  And as of late, it’s been an addiction to ONLINE shopping (I partly blame my older sister for sharing her Amazon Prime with me… I get stuff in 2-days for free and no tax).  Not to mention the excitement of “stalking” my shipments on, FedEx, OnTrac, USPS, etc.

Anywho… first off… last week I bought myself a new Lululemon bag (on sale) even though I currently own a Lululemon gym bag. (I plan to gift the old one down to my younger sister).  According to my FedEx stalking, the bag has been delivered to my house at approximately 1:37pm.

Secondly, I am prone to injury.  I went to the gym yesterday hoping to get in more than the mile I ended up walking, but for some reason my calf muscles were not having any of the “work-out”.  Knowing that I have had issues with my calves and shin (splints in the past), I ordered from Kinesiology Tape (from over the weekend. And according to my OnTrac stalking, the tape also has been delivered. 🙂

Today was going to be a rest day because of the poor showing I had yesterday, but I think I will have to hit the gym tonight with my new Lulu bag in tow and a taped up shin splint. I will still take it easy, but I can’t resist using newly acquired goods!

Tomorrow’s post will include an update on how much I love my Lulu bag and how my first attempt at taping my shin goes.  Tonight I’m also attending San Francisco’s Dine About Town (like restaurant week), so I’ll probably do my first food post too!  Woot woot.


UPDATE: June 15, 2011 – Pics of new stuff!

Retro Lululemon Bag:

Old Lulu bag… it will find it’s new home in Santa Monica, CA with my younger sister:

Kineso tape… and it’s shin splint application… Taping actually helped!

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